How to Jailbreak and Unlock your iPhone?

If you would prefer to use your mobile phone on a different network provider, unlocking it allows you to be released from your original provider, giving you the liberty to choose other networks! If your mobile phone has a SIM card, this chip permits your network provider to identify it by the user’s serial number. This allows the network provider to "lock" your phone to their network. Any attempts to use a "non-approved" SIM card in a phone which is locked to another network fails. That's where Unlocking comes in. If you would like to use your SIM enabled mobile phone on the network of your choice, then you would have to unlock your mobile phone! It can be done through "remote unlocking" or "code unlocking" which is few of the easy methods of unlocking a handset. Mostly, requirements are the following:

1.iPhone Model

2. Iphone IMEI

3. Country or Area

4. Network Provider

How to Unlock your iPhone

If you choose to unlock your iPhone by switching into a new carrier, do the following:

Call your network provider to determine its specific unlock policy. Most of the network providers will unlock your phone only if your contract is already done or you've been able to pay for the termination fee to terminate your current plan, or if you are migrating to another country and need to use a local carrier there.

Contact the new carrier you prefer. Some of the network operators will let you unlock a phone for it will increase their profitability. Contact your chosen carrier and ask for their policies. Check the compatibility of your iPhone. If you decide to unlock your iPhone and switch to another carrier, make sure that your phone model is accepted by the network provider.

Check if your iPhone is compatible. If you want to unlock your iPhone and switch to a new carrier, make sure your chosen carrier accepts your phone model.

Through a Paid Service, you can unlock your iPhone by:

Look for a good quality service. Most online companies will unlock codes in exchange for money. More so, these companies work in countries that are not covered by the United States’ restrictions.

Know the IMEI code of your handset. Your iPhone will be included to Apple’s official list of unlocked phones; which means even if you upgrade your current iOS, it will be kept unlocked. To add up your iPhone to the list, give your phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) code to the network provider. All of iPhones has it. The IMEI can be found by:

Display your IMEI code by typing *#06#. Applicable on all iPhones.

On an original iPhone5, the number can be found on the bottom part.

On an iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S, find the IMEI on the SIM Card Chip.

In iTunes, look for the IMEI code in the iPhone’s storage capacity located above the

Summary window.

Make sure to determine correct information about your device and get the right code for your iPhone.

Unlocking settings. After successfully doing the previous steps, unlock your iPhone by activating it. Insert the SIM card given by the new carrier. If you get a signal right away, then the unlocking has been successfully done. If not, re-check the process.Click Settings, General and Reset. Search for Reset Network Settings. Lastly, restart the iPhone. Follow this if your iPhone has been jailbroken.

• Insert the SIM card from the new carrier. If you get a signal at this step then you are done. If not, continue on.

Connect your iPhone to the internet using a Wi-Fi connection.

If you are asked to activate your iPhone, Do this by:

If activating your iPhone isn’t successful, download the latest version of iOS. The jailbreak will be lost if your phone has jailbroken already. After restoring, your phone should be activated through a new carrier.

• Connecting your iPhone to the internet using a Wi-Fi connection

If you still cannot activate your iPhone, restore it to the iOS latest version. If your phone is jailbroken, this will terminate the jailbreak. After the restore process is done, your phone should be able to get service.

If activating your iPhone failed, download the latest version of iOS. The jailbreak will be terminated if your phone has jailbroken already. After the restoration process, your phone should be connected to the new carrier.